Your website is a “closed door” if people never reach it. Church Communications has partnered with Missional Marketing, the leading expert in Google for Churches. Since 2008, they’ve helped churches all over the country connect digitally with new people. This means being found on Google . Choose from one of their eight products featured below.


Local SEO in Google Searching for a new church, a person may use terms like; “church near me” or “church in {location}” which populates three results in a map on Google. This makes you show up to searchers who aren’t physically at your church. Google Ad Grant Google offers a grant for non-profits that can be used for pay-per-click advertising campaigns to connect new people with your church. Churches can receive up to $10,000 per month in advertising with the Google Ad Grant. Google Advertising Campaigns We’ll build, launch, optimize and report your campaign across several different platforms, including Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook, and YouTube, based on the unique goals of your church. Google Analytics and Search Console To grow your online presence, you need answers to powerful questions about your website on a regular and ongoing basis. You also need actionable insight into using these answers to improve your website as an outreach tool. On-Page Website SEO We’ll optimize your website for Google by addressing Speed, Security and Crawlability. Church Website Design Most people find your church by searching online. Even people invited to your church go to your website before visiting. We know what’s needed to build your new WordPress or Rock website so that it’s found in Google and engages new visitors. Home Page and Plan a Visit Page Design If your church has fallen behind when it comes to offering a great first impression and user experience online, this might be your solution. Crucial menu items, above-the-fold content and imperative calls-to-action provide a perfect entry for new traffic. Google Click Paths The Sermon Video Library delivers your weekly message to a receptive new audience searching in Google. Felt Needs and Answers Landing Pages connect your church and ministries with specific Google searches. These are unique strategies that meet people where they are and invite them in.


The internet is the new front door of your church, and Google is the dominant tool people use to find what they are looking for online - churches included. However, figuring out how to make your church found by people searching in Google can be complicated. By hovering your cursor over the different types of search results in the image below, we'll explain a bit about each type of result, how your church can be found there, and why it is important.
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Local Search
Local SEO Boost
The local pack is a set of three results, marked on a map, that frequently appear above all other search results. The local pack contains only results that are geographically relevant to the searcher, and that Google is confident exist at the location they claim.

Google only displays a local pack for searches using keywords that Google believes are requesting a location. This includes a vast majority of searches that people typically use to find churches, such as:
  • "church near me"
  • "church in {city}" (ie. "church in Phoenix")
  • "{denomination} church" (ie. "Baptist church")
  • "local church"
  • "bible church"
  • ... and more
Because of these factors, having a strong Local Search Presence is critical to church growth and something that we believe every church should focus on.

Additionally, search results displayed by Google Maps use Google's local search algorithm exclusively. Google Maps searches are especially common from mobile devices, and because of this account for a continually increasing proportion of Google searches.

Considering all these factors together, the bottom line is clear: your church needs to be found in local searches.
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On-Page SEO
On-Page SEO
SEO Content
Felt-Needs Subdomains
The remainder of search results in our example are typical organic search results. For your church to be found in this type of Google's results, your church website needs to do two things:
  1. Have ample keyword rich content. For example, many churches have wonderful ministries equipped to help people with felt-needs, but have extremely limited content on their website about what problems their ministries can help solve. Family Felt-Needs Landing Pages are a solution we've developed to help bridge this gap.
  2. The content on your church website needs to be optimized for Google. Simply put, strong On-Page SEO practices ensure that Google understands what your website is about. Google won't send you traffic if it is confused about who you are and what you do.
Improvement in organic search rankings is often a "slow and steady" process, but important because it exposes your church to people who are not looking for a church specifically, but instead searching for help or answers that your church can provide.
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